Kick-starting the app of Germany’s neighborhood platform is a popular neighborhood community platform. The startup is committed to create social impact by connecting people. I was asked to create initial UI Designs of their new App which launched in 2016.


During the design process I rapidly created prototypes in order to instantly test my designs. Since the basic content structure has been adapted from the desktop website, I optimized several micro interactions to ensure a seamless user experience on touch devices.

Card-based Design

The user-generated content (posts) of is packed into Cards. A Card is an interactive unit of content or functionality, presented in a concise visual package. In this way, neighbors are able to easily recognize and consume content. Since Cards can have multiple states based on user interaction, I designed several decks of each type:


At users are able to create and join events within their neighborhood. If the date hasn’t be determined yet, the platform offers a poll feature to collectively choose the perfect time:


In order to highlight marketplace posts, they have an orange label on the top. There are two types of Cards: “For sale” and “To give away”: