My UX approach for JUKE’s music streaming app

This is one of the major projects I did for JUKE, the streaming platform and in-house startup of Europes largest electronic retailer, the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group. I redesigned their music app, created a new visual interface and prototyped unique interactions.

Transformable covers

My approach for this streaming app aims to enable seamless discovery and consumption of music. Therefore I created a coherent user flow which defines album covers as a central element to interact with. As the user navigates within the app, selected album covers remain constantly visible. All screens are connected with each other and album covers adjust their size and position to the current screen state. As a consequence, the app feels more natural and self-explanatory to the user.

The overview above exemplarily illustrates a number of animations, the album covers perform during their transformations. The first example shows how they expand to a detailed page, after being selected from a music discovery page. To see how this looks like in action, check out the video prototype I embedded in the beginning of this post.

Music artworks color the interface

Being a major element in the app, album covers dynamically create a color scheme, which sometimes shines through one of the semi-transparent backgrounds:

The album cover is the central element and colors each screen individually.
Download music to your device for offline usage, browse the tracklist and find related information.

What I learned

Designing an interface that queries a database of millions of tracks was quite challenging, because it has to be capable of handling an enormous variety of unpredictable content. Even though music titles are often either long or quite short – the interface should display all of them properly, while still containing as much information as possible.

Do you have any feedback, thought or question regarding this project? Please reach out to me.