Paul Roeder

Hallo! I’m a German Designer working on digital products, services and platforms.

During my studies of Interface Design in Potsdam, I prototyped systems, platforms, hardware, and internalized service and business design methods. My most favorite design project so far has been “Müllernte” (German for “Litter Harvesting”). Our team applied lean startup methods on a neighborhood’s littering problem and organized a series of events, resulting in speed dating sessions during which local singles got to know each other while cleaning public spaces.

As a freelancer, I designed digital products for German corporations, agencies and startups. Previously, I worked for the infrastructure company InspiraFarms in Berlin, where we built a IoT cloud platform for their cold rooms projects across Africa.

Due to my interest in design of connected hardware and applied machine learning, I became a Designer in Residence at SZOIL, an innovation lab in “China’s Silicon Valley of Hardware”

The work at InspiraFarms and projects at SZOIL have drawn my attention to Kenya. On top of being beautiful and sunny, the country has one of Africa’s leading startup and innovation ecosystems. For me, it has been very inspiring to do user research and prototyping in this market.

For my personal ventures, I’m currently exploring supply chain software for exporting agribusinesses, as well as long-distance carpooling in Kenya.

Also, I’m keen to explore projects with European and Kenyan companies who wish to enter growing markets across Africa and vice versa. I see a massive opportunity, especially for B2B solutions that significantly increase operational efficiency or provide cost-efficient digital infrastructure. However, well executed design is essential to succeed in any continent.

I’m looking forward to your E-Mail and to get connected!