Smart City – Save Cycling

In this concept I video-prototyped smart city camera and sensor technology to automatically detect urban cyclists before they cross an intersection. In this way, traffic safety could be increased for both drivers and cyclists.

Cyclists getting highlighted by an areal light mark, while the intersection itself is anonymously gathering and predicting data about road users. This data can be transmitted to autonomous cars and advanced driver assistance systems.

During the project I conducted qualitative interviews with Berliners, including frequent and casual cyclists to cover a wide range of insides. I found out, that there is a huge lack of communication among road users. Cyclists are afraid they could be unseen or misunderstood and drivers complain about unlighted bicycles.

Therefore I researched recent ADFC Berlin statistics and figured out, that in fact thousands of cyclists accident with turning cars every year. Parking cars, blind spots and distracting traffic guidance make it even harder to properly perceive others at the right time.

Next steps

Even though my concept is deeply based on user research and recent figures, it is still an assumption that a smart intersection –  how I envision it – will increase road safety. It needs to be prototyped and tested in real life scenarios to become further validated. Since the field interests me a lot, I will very likely resume the project during my studies.

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