Urban Lights

Urban Lights is an outdoor installation, composed of six tremendous LED pillows which are wrapped around a circular touchscreen table. Visitors (like pedestrians) can discover inspiring statistics covering the fields: energy, mobility, environment, human, health and noise. The installation draws attention to the formidable challenge of urbanization.

By default each pillow represents a section. As the user selects a topic, the colors around him turn to a single color and the pillows act as bar graphs.

This installation won’t provide any exact figures or values. It’s designed to make people aware of an urbanized future and the positive and negative effects we will be facing as humans.

The pillows can either represent a development within a timeframe or compare different cities against each other. By swiping to the next statistic, the LED rings change their displayed height. This happens around the visitors, also like the process of urbanizations happens around you.

As you stand in the middle, the pillows are like shining skyscrapers which are growing around you. Sockets and bezels in this installation are cast in concrete, the material modern buildings are build on.